2017 Convention Schedule

Game it Forward
March 3-4:  Fayetteville, Arkansas
March 10-11:  Midwest City, Oklahoma
August 11-12:  Tulsa, Oklahoma
September 30:  Ft. Smith, Arkansas
November 16-18:  DFW Airport, Texas


Board Game Geek
An extensive, user driven, database.
Web Grognards
"The Site for Wargames on the Web."


Carrie McDowell
Carrie edited several of our games including Access Denied and InterSpace.  Her excellent advice dramatically improved the standard of writing here at Interformic Games.
Dandelo1 did the fabulous art work on the cover of the Breakable Rules and Chrome sections.  Check out his other fine work at DeviantArt.
Jacob Davenport
Jacob and his friends help playtest GRO and Access Denied.  He's a member of the Wonderland Toast Society and has playtested and written several games for Looney Labs.
Jeff Moore
Jeff helped playtest InterSpace and Unbreakable.  But more importantly, he publishes free, print & play RPGs.  Read more...
Lisa Ostrander
Lisa provided the fantastic walker and crawler illustrations used in the rules of Unbreakable.  Thanks Lisa!
Monika Livingstone
Monika graciously allowed us to use her repair robot art in InterSpace and Turn or Burn.  Visit her site to see more of her great artwork.

Print & Play

Board Game Geek
The geek maintains this excellent page of print-and-play advice and resources.
Moderné spoločenské hry
Slovakian page dedicated to print & play games in various languages.
Open Directory Project
The Open Directory Project's print & play board games page.
Print & Play Podcast
Podcast reviews of a print & play games.  A new review is posted each week.
Print & Play Productions
Sells beautifully handmade copies of many popular print & play games.
A fine selection of print & play board and card games in German and English.
Starship Combat News
The latest information on print & play space games.


Conquest Games
Publisher of Stelcon Infinity and other fine games.
Sierra Madre Games
Produce educational board games that cover a broad range of subjects in science, history, prehistory, and natural history.
Sphinx Spielverlag
Publish Kampf der Kulturen (Culture War), the German language version of GRO.


Changing Hands
If you're in Joplin, Missouri, visit this wonderful store for books, games, and game supplies.
Fair Play Games
A great online store featuring an extensive, searchable game catalog.
Game Headquarters
This shop in Oklahoma City has an amazing line of every game you can imagine.
Noble Knight Games
Purchase hard copies of Access Denied, GRO, and One World Dominion from Noble Knight.
Top Deck Games
Check out this cool store at 41st and Sheridan in Tulsa.  They specialize in Warhammer 40K but have many more games and game supplies.
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